Personal. Leadership. Development.


RisingPath offers three developmental routes.


1. Personal Leadership Coaching

INDIVIDUALS:  Programs include: 360 Interview Feedback Process, Individual Coaching Sessions and Between Session Assignments.

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2. Strategic Conversations (Design & Facilitation)

LEADERSHIP TEAMS:  Custom designed and facilitated meetings for strategic direction and team development.

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3. Development Workshops & Programs

INDIVIDUALS, TEAMS and ORGANIZATIONS: Award-winning leadership development programs including the Leadership Ecosystem (LE) and Personal Excellence Program (PEP) offered by workshops, small-group sessions and individual coaching (

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1. Personal Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative conversation, built on mutual trust, with the goal of facilitating the development of a person - who is then capable of achieving their intended goals.

The Coaching process is part Mastery and part Mystery.

It's part Mastery, in that proven methodologies and techniques must be employed with skill.
It's part Mystery, in that it's also an improvisational journey of discovery, for both coach and client.
The RisingPath approach to personal leadership coaching includes the following:


  • Executives/Senior Leaders
  • Program/Project Managers
  • HiPo/Emerging Leaders


  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Stronger Community of Support


  • 360 Interview Feedback
  • Bi-Weekly / One-Hour Sessions
  • Between Session Assignments

2. Strategic Conversations (Design & Facilitation)

Leadership meetings are opportunities to conduct strategic conversations with powerful impact on your business and team performance.   

"An organization's results are determined through webs of human commitments, born in webs of human conversation." Fernando Flores

Services may include business context assessment, team interviews and custom design/facilitation of an engaging and pragmatic business meeting with clear follow-up plans.

3. Development Workshops & Programs

Four Essential Conversations (4EC): Cultivating Personal Leadership in Self and Others

The role of a leader is to cultivate an environment where people and organizations thrive. The way leaders accomplish this is through generative Conversations.

The Four Essential Conversations (4EC) program is a workshop series that cultivates four essential conversations of a high-performing, talent-thriving environment: 

1) Dream: The ability to cultivate Purpose through reflection, discovery and declaration of a vision that will engage people and energize work. (Skills: Discovery and Declaration) 

2) Think: The ability to cultivate Intelligence through people speaking freely, listening deeply and creating the best solutions. (Skills: Generative Listening and Speaking) 

3) Achieve: The ability to cultivate Performance through setting goals, taking deliberate action and achieving intended outcomes.  (Skills: Agreements and Accountability)

4) Grow: The ability to cultivate Excellence through self-awareness, developmental goals and learning from experience.  (Skills: Feedback and Coaching)

Peer coaching and one-on-one leadership coaching can be powerful add-on components to this program, ensuring application in the business setting and longterm retention of skills. 

Personal Excellence Program (PEP)

The Personal Excellence Program (PEP) is an award-winning development program and has been successfully building personal and professional excellence capabilities since 2006, within several global corporations and thousands of leaders across diverse cultures in the USA, Asia, Canada and Europe.

At the heart of the PEP experience is the intention to Become Fully Alive... which entails Vertical Development (head, heart and body), a Community of supportive people and Time.  

The PEP program unfolds over the course of seven to ten months and offers a blend of large group workshops, facilitated small group discussions, individual coaching sessions and peer coaching as the structured learning environment.

Participants select a Skill and Quality they want to cultivate, observe themselves in real-time to gain insight/self-awareness, and then practice new behaviors to establish new habits and develop mastery.

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  • Global Corporations/ Organizations
  • Executives/Senior Leaders
  • Program/Project Managers
  • HiPo/Emerging Leaders

"I was privileged to take part in Ruben's Personal Excellence Program during which I explored some fundamental issues in my professional and personal life.

Ruben was able to dissect my issues with keen insight and provided sage counsel and encouragement. I came away with a much clearer understanding of things that were holding me back as well as tools to address these and other roadblocks.

I continually reflect on my time with Ruben and apply his teachings on a daily basis." 

– Micki Klearman, Associate Group Medical Director at Genentech

"PEP has brought sustained growth and a vibrant learning culture to my organization. Though PEP, we are now smarter, more agile, and more responsive.

There is greater collaboration across functions; customer relationships have improved, employee engagement is noticeably higher, and we are better positioned to respond to change and lead technological innovation." 

– Todd Pierce, Chief Information Officer at Roche Pharmaceuticals