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Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking.

– Antonio Machado



Whole Person Development

People grow when the whole person is addressed: HEAD (e.g., thoughts, beliefs and perceptions), HEART (e.g., emotions and moods), and BODY (e.g., embodied habits and behaviors).

Emotional Intelligence

People grow when EQ skills are core to the approach, such as, SELF-MANAGEMENT (i.e., Motivation, Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation) and MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS (i.e., Empathy and Social Skills).

Developmental Qualities

People grow when developmental qualities are core to the approach, such as, COMMITMENT over Compliance, BEGINNER'S MIND over Expert Mind, AWARENESS over Assumption, KINDNESS over harshness and OPTIMISM over Fear. 

Community of Support

People grow with the SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT of TRUSTED PEOPLE. Building a core group of supportive advisors, including colleagues, mentors and even friends/family is integral to our approach.


The RisingPath approach is designed to achieve two critical intentions:

It is an awareness and data-driven process that facilitates effective and SUSTAINED GROWTH.

It is designed to create a trusted COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT for the long term benefit of the client.


Phase 1: Declare your Direction


WHY -  Declare a compelling purpose and intention for development.

WHAT -  Focus efforts towards specific Qualities and Skills.

WHO -  Enlist a trusted Community of Support.


Phase 2: Understand the Present


SEE - Track the habits that most affect your performance – both positively and negatively.

REFLECT - Analyze to determine key patterns of thinking, emotion and behavior.

UNDERSTAND -  Prioritize the highest leverage areas and behaviors to improve.


Phase 3: Create your Path


PRACTICE - Design and engage new practices to create better habits.

REVIEW / ADJUST - Carefully observe the effectiveness of the practices and determine adjustments.

REPEAT - Continue the "Practice-Review-Adjust" cycle long enough to create new and more effective habits.