More about Ruben

I was born a serious young man. Now, I take my work seriously, but I've lightened up about myself.


How did I get here?

I was born in the Santa Clara (Silicon) Valley as the eldest son of two Mexican immigrant parents. I studied, worked hard, married well and got lucky along the way. 

Why I do what I do?

I wasn't great at math, so Engineer was out. I wasn't great at science, so Doctor was out. I've got soft-hands, love air-conditioning and I'm not handy, so Skilled Craftsman was out.

Consequently, I work with People.

What's so special about me?

It turns out, I am great at... eye-contact, listening closely, reflecting, recognizing patterns, remembering things wise people shared with me, offering my thoughts and having a genuine love for people.   

I also speak fluent movie-quotes, play happy-golf (no scorekeeping), love traveling the world, and am an artistic photographer ( - the images on this site are mine.

What do I believe?

My RisingPath philosophy is based on three truths:

1: The Path Rises. Every year the world asks more from us... harder challenges, more responsibility, more complexity, faster pace and we ain't getting any younger.

2: We Grow. This is fine because we love growing to meet new challenges.  We pay attention, we get smarter, we make adjustments and we get better at serving ourselves, others and our world. 

3: We Rise. When we rise with the path, life gets better. We experience greater purpose, passion and mastery on our journey.