Personal. Leadership. Development.

Personal. Leadership. Development.

A Talent Development Consultancy devoted to Growing Leaders through Coaching, Facilitation and Workshops. 


The RisingPath Philosophy

1. Path Rises.  Every year the world asks more from us... harder challenges, more responsibility, more complexity, faster pace and we ain't getting any younger.

2. We Grow. This is fine because we grow by rising to meet new challenges.  We pay attention, we get smarter, we make adjustments and we get better at serving ourselves, others and the world.

3. We Rise. When we rise with the path, life gets better. We experience greater awareness, achievement and joy everywhere in our lives.


Areas of Expertise

LEADERSHIP PRESENCE: To fully transition from the role of Doer and demonstrate the understanding, executive presence and behaviors of a true Leader.

AGILITY and CHANGE: To be agile in fast changing environments with the capacities of Adaptive Learning, Collaboration, Change/Transition Management and Resilience.

SKILLFUL RELATIONSHIPS: To demonstrate the social/emotional intelligence required to be effective in community.

GENERATIVE CONVERSATIONS: To Speak with Clarity, Precision and Confidence and Listen with Openness. Conversations for Relationship, Possibility and Action (i.e., Offers, Promises, Requests, Agreements and Resolving Breakdowns.)

SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS: To deal with an internal self-critical voice and stand Confidently in one's own Value and Capability.

PRIORITIES/BOUNDARIES: To set priorities, maintain a reasonable workload and give effective "Yes / No / Perhaps" responses to requests.

SELF-CARE: To sustain effective Work-Life integration, Healthy Habits and Stress Management practices.


Client Profile

MOTIVATED: A person who, despite a successful life, knows there are meaningful goals yet to be accomplished and that expert guidance will help.

GROWTH-ORIENTED: A person who knows that growth is a function of "hard work, good strategies and input from others." (Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.)

COURAGEOUS: A person who is willing to create a collaborative partnership for the sake of what is most important to them.